Li Xiangyang's solo exhibition at Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome

Li Xiangyang's solo exhibition. Exhibition view at Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome.
(Courtesy: Il Ponte Contemporanea)

Il Ponte Contemporanea is currently playing host to a solo exhibition by Li Xiangyang. The exhibition opened on November 30 and will continue to run through January 31, 2017.

The exhibition comprises of a selection of recent drawings and abstract paintings by the artist. The artworks reveal the tradition of Chinese culture, which is intertwined with the artist's vision of the contemporary society revealing its great discomfort: the thought and morality of the people are put to the test and the search for autonomy, the reconstruction of an individual moral integrity become emblematic and primary objective.

The exhibition is on view at Il Ponte Contemporanea, Via Beatrice Cenci, 9- 9 / A, 00186, Rome, Italy.

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